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How to Clean an Old Dirty Marble Floor

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In the midst of a recent apartment hunt, I was fortunate to have known what to expect on floors regarding looks and all. I had traipsed through a couple of buildings, and sad to say that in almost each one of them, I was dismayed by the ignorance – or maybe arrogance – of the renovation work.

Leave the rest aside, the state of marble floors in many homes is terrible! Which is why I have since then taken the bold step to study and share with you the steps on how to clean an old dirty marble floor.

Experts at Floor Master, a leading marble polishing service in singapore provider argues that having a shiny and durable marble tile floor provides a lifelong alternative to other types of floors. However, every homeowner is entitled to have a framework on how best they can handle these type of floors. Like any other natural stone out there, conscious and regular cleaning is necessary to avoid staining and erosion.

For those like me who have recently moved into an apartment with old, dirty marble floor, take heart, you are in good hands. Instead of ripping up the tiles and starting afresh, deep cleaning and polishing is the ideal way to bring back the shine where it belongs.

10 steps on how to clean an old dirty marble floor

Step 1:

Remove surface dust and dirt using a soft broom or dry mop

Step 2:

Using a bucket, dispense one quart of warm water that has a mixture of baking soda (3 tablespoons) together with a generous squirt of the dish-washing liquid.

Commercial marble cleaner can be used as an alternative.

Step 3:

Take the bucket and fill it with tap water

Step 4:

Dip and wring the soft mop making sure there is no excess water dripping on the marble floor

You can also use a nonabrasive sponge to clean the floor.

Step 5:

Take one cup of diatomaceous earth, talc or powdered white chalk

Add small amounts of water and constantly stir until you have a paste similar to cake frosting regarding consistency

Step 6:

Use distilled water to wet the stained area, then take the paste on Step 5 and spread a thick layer over the stains

Step 7:

Use a plastic wrap to cover the paste on each stain, then use a masking tape to tape it all way round

Step 8:

Leave it to dry for about one or two days

Step 9:

Take away the plastic wrap, and then use a wet sponge to wipe the poultice

Step 10:

Commercial stone sealant is applied as recommended in the instructions

marble floor cleaningThat said, observing the above easy and painless ten steps on how to clean an old dirty marble floor can guarantee you a shiny floor that brings out the original appeal of a fresh and welcoming piece. Adorn the necessary shine by having these steps work for you without breaking a sweat. Expert cleaners are also available for more cleaning services that can be done in a more affordable and efficient approach.