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Tips on bonding with your pet bird


Having a pet bird is an interesting thing. One should give the bird the attention it deserves since the bird is a member of the family. The following are tips on how to maintain bonds with your pet bird.

Establishing boundaries

Some birds take some things too far. Like for instance, there are those which bite the owner every time they are being taken out or taken in the bird cage. This should not happen. One should ensure that they establish boundaries with their birds using the step command. This step command helps your bird always know that you are the boss. It also helps in getting rid of the inappropriate behaviors the bird may develop.

Preventing bonds with one person

The pet bird should establish bonds with all members of the family and not just one particular one. This will help keep the bird orderly since it will not be aggressive to the other family members or the other people handling it. To help get rid of this, the whole family should be involved in taking care of the bird so that bonds are established with everyone. As a result, the bird will feel secure with all the family members.

Be moderate on the attention being given to the bird

2Some of the bird owners make a mistake of giving the bird too much attention. This may be bad for the bird since, with time, the owner may not be in a position to give the bird the much attention they had been getting before. One should ensure that their bird is given moderate attention that they will still manage to give even when they are busy. Be careful also not to ignore your bird. Give it the attention that will help it feel secure with you.

Healthy diet

Food is a source of comfort for most birds. One should ensure that they provide their bird with good nutritional habits. This will ensure that they develop the good habits and one will not be faced with the hard choice of undoing bad habits when they have already been established. One should also avoid giving their bird too much of one kind of food even if they prefer this kind of food.

Respect your bird

The bird should be respected as well. Do not tease your bird. Should the bird seek to retreat in its cage as they seek hiding spots while in the wild, do not disturb it give it its time.

Find interesting things for the bird

3Birds do need toys as well. They also need speech training and even adventures. The toys and perches should be changed frequently just to keep things interesting for the bird. One can even have the bird travel with them if they are going somewhere. One can also find music for them to help in soothing them.

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