Kinston Jetport is also known as the Stallings field. It is a public jetport that is found in in Lenoir County, North Carolina USA.  The Kinston Jetport has one of the longest runways in the USA and it is mainly used for general aviation. In most cases, the jetport is used by college teams when they want to travel in and out of Kinston, this is to and from the East Carolina University which is close to Greenville for the athletic events. 

Features of the Kinston Jetport

At the Kinston Regional airport, you will be able to get free parking as well as free internet access just in case you want to relax and catch a few real money online casino games. For the sake of business, visitors and travellers will also be able to find serval business and leisure areas where they can relax as they wait for their jets to arrive and ferry them to their destinations.  To add on to that, you will also be able to find car rental services just in case you need to get a quick ride to Lenoir County.

One for the main features of the Kinston jetport is the Global Transpark.  This is an industrial park that co-joins with the jetport.  The main purpose of this was to bring in high tech and innovation to the eastern North Carolina Spirit Aero Systems that was manufacturing the parts of the Airbus 360 at its new Kinston Facility.

History of the Kinston Jetport

History defines shows where something came from so that we can understand it. Just like how the history of online casino games shows us where they came from.

For interest’s sake, allow us to define a jetport. A jetport is an airport that is used by jets. Therefore, instead of using the regular aeroplanes, jetport will mainly cater to passengers who travel by jet as well all as the jets that they will be able to use. Other than the Kinston Jetport, one of the largest jetports in the world is the Portland Jetport that is located in Maine. 

The Kinston jetport was built in 1944 by the United States Navy. It was then opened in October and before it was called the Kinston jetport is was known as the Marine Corps Auxiliary Airfield Kinston. It would serve as an auxiliary to the Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point. 

From 1944 when the Jetport was opened to 1945, it was used as an area where the Naval cadets would be able to receive V-5 flight training as well as basic flying indoctrination. It was then closed in 1945.

However, as a result of the Cold War as well as the expansion of the U. S Air force, the Kinston Base was then reopened on the 17th of October in 1950 by the USAF Air Training Command. It was opened with the purpose of it being a flying training school with T-34 Mentor, T-6 Texan and T-28 Trojan craft. 

On the 15th of May 1952, the jetport was then renamed to the Stallings Airbase in memory of the Kinston natives Lt Bruce Stallings, who was a P-51 Mustang pilot who was killed in March 1945 and his brother Harry Stallings a B-29 Superfortress navigator who was killed in April 1945. 

In April 1957, the training at Stallings Airbase were proposed to be closed and the recommendation was approved in October of the same year. The current Kinston Jetport was then open in July 1978

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