Kinston is a city in Lenoir County  in North Carolina. The city is well known for its Kinston Jetport that is mainly used by college students when they travel for sports trips. However, other than this there is still a lot of other things that you can do in Kinston. Despite the fact that it is a small city, there are still some amazing things that you can do here. 

The NC Art Trail

Lovers of art will be thrilled to know that when they are in Kinston they can visit the NC Flue. Well, we don’t mean that you will get flue or a cold when you are here, we simply mean that you will be able to visit one of the largest public art trails in North Carolina. 

As you are here, you can take a stroll along the Rover walk or you can simple wander about Blount Street and see the Kinston’s renaissance in progress. The Flue that we mentioned earlier is actually the Tobacco Square and it is a Thomas Sayre sculpture of the earth cast tobacco rows. These rows are commemorating the Kinston tobacco history as well as bridging the modern rebirth of the arts.

Just in case you get a little dehydrated, you can easily garb yourself a cup of coffee from the Middle Grounds as you enjoy the beautiful sculptures, public art and play online casino games.

Nueseway Nature Park

Whenever you visit one place or the other, you always want to make sure that the kids have a great time. Even if you are just lazing around and playing online casino games, you always want to make sure that the kids have a blast, because well, in the end its all about them.

That is why while you are in Kinston, you can easily relax as the kids have a blast at the Nueseway Nature Park. The nature park is open for children of all ages, as such we are sure that the kids will be able to have a great time while they are here.

With the Nueseway nature park come the Nueseway Nature Centre. Here the kids and you can learn all about plants and animals that are native to North Carolina. That way other than having fun, you and the kids will walk  away having learned a few things as well. Also, to add the icing to the cake, there are daily shows at the Nueseway Planetarium.

The Lenoir Farmers Market

While visiting Kinston you also take detour to see the Lenoir County Farmers Market. Here you will see farmers from all over advertising and selling their produce. You will get the chance to get yourself some fresh produce and the open air will do you good as well. 

The Farmers Market is open from Tuesday to Saturday running from 8am to 3pm, while in winter it is only open on Saturdays.


These are but a few of things that you will be able to do while visiting Kinston, but trust there is still a lot more that you can do like going to see the CSS Neuse Civil War Interpretive and visiting famous restaurants in Kinston. 

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